nevada blue turquoise
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  About Nevada Blue

The Nevada Blue mine is one of Nevada's great classic turquoise mines.
Along nevada blue turquoisewith the Lander Blue, Number 8 and Lone Mountain mines the Nevada Blue has produced some of the finest turquoise in the world. Nevada Blue is also sold under the name 'Timberline'. It's location near the crest of the Shoshone range in Lander County made access to the mine, as well as the actual mining itself, extremely difficult. Today very little true high-grade Nevada Blue is available.

The natural high-grade cabochons being offered here are from the last great collection of Nevada Blue and were purchased directly from the mine owner in the 1970s. Nevada Blue turquoise was well marketed in the 1970s and 80s and was used by many of the Southwest's greatest silversmiths. The April issue of Arizona Highways magazine will attest to that fact with its beautifully illustrated pages filled with Nevada Blue turquoise in museum quality jewelry.

The rarity of Nevada Blue makes it very collectable and its beauty when set in gold or silver an ideal choice for the jeweler.

Nevada Blue Turquoise

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